Introducing Phil

Introducing Phil….. Certified Arborist with Bradley Tree and Landscape

Congratulations to Phil Fortier…. Who is now an ISA Certified Arborist # NE-6897A

Phil has been with Bradley Tree for over 3 ½ years. We’re glad to have him on the crew.

Having just completed his Certification program in Arboriculture through the International Society of Arboriculture, Phil is very competent in all areas of tree care including Tree Biology, Urban Forestry, Pruning, Diagnosis and Treatment, and Tree Risk Management, to name a few.

Why Hire an Arborist?

Because Arborists are specialists trained to understand and care for Trees. Taking care of trees is both an art and a science. And pruning or removing trees can be dangerous work. When trees are pruned correctly they enhance the landscape (and your property value) considerably. Removing trees requires the right knowledge and equipment, without which can lead to significant liability.

An Arborist is also able to help you determine what’s best for both you and your trees. For example, you want tree limbs pruned off, fearing branches falling on your house or vehicles. Most homeowners aren’t aware that too much pruning will cause a tree to be more dangerous.

Or, they want to get as much for their money as possible. A healthy tree, pruned correctly by a trained Arborist, will benefit both tree and homeowner. A certified Arborist is also able to prescribe health maintenance measures such as deep root fertilization and aeration; or cabling to support weak branches.

Removing trees safely requires specialized equipment, such as a Lift, a Crane, a Bucket Truck. Our man Phil has been operating some of this equipment now for years. (Tim Bradley is the certified Crane Operator.) Trees weigh thousands of pounds and can cause considerable damage to people and structures when handled incorrectly.

You’ll pretty much pay the same for the services of an Arborist or an unqualified tree service. But what you’ll get will prove to be very different. Do yourself, and your trees a favor….. Hire a Certified Arborist. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks! We’ll look forward to hearing from you.


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