How much do your service cost?

Our services are billed on a project-to-project basis and prices are dependant on a variety of factors. We offer a free estimate. Call us to set up an appointment and we will meet with you and give you a written quote for the work you are looking at doing.

Can I email photos of the trees to be removed or pruned?

Yes, you can. Sometimes, that’s the easiest way for a homeowner to get an estimate on the work. Just be sure that the photos show the full scope of the trees along with placement in the yard. And be sure to include your phone number, name and address in the email as we’ll still need to talk with you.

What about signs that I see for “Free Tree Removal”?

We sometimes get calls from people asking if we take trees down for free. The short answer is “NO”. We’ve all seen the signs, put up by logging companies, that indicate they’ll remove a minimum of 20-40 trees for “free”. And, we’ve all seen the mess they leave behind. A Tree Service company is very different from a logging company. Logging has it’s place, but for most people in an urban neighborhood preserving their property – while maintaining their tree-scapes – is very important. Bradley Tree uses specialized equipment such as our Crane, Lift, Bucket Truck, Chipper and Stumpgrinder. We lay out mats on lawn areas to prevent any lawn damage. We grind out tree stumps after removals, if that’s what the customer wants. Trees are not dropped, hitting the ground with thousands of pounds of force as they are in logging operations. When we remove a tree or trees the end result looks pristine. You still have a lawn, you still have happy neighbors, and you dont’ have to spend every weekend for the next six months (or thousands of dollars) cleaning up a huge mess!

Do you use “subcontractors”?

Do you own the equipment?

We NEVER use subcontractors. When you hire us, we’re the ones who do your job from start to finish. We own all of our equipment, and we’re licensed to operate. (one of the ways to tell if the equipment belongs to the tree service is the NAME on the equipment!) Why is it important to have it all done in house? Because we have the experience, expertise, and the equipment to get it done AND we get it done all at once. As they say, “One Call does it All”.

How do I care for my trees?

Trees that receive proper care and maintenance live longer and are healthier than their neglected counterparts. Help protect the health of your trees by following a few simple steps:

  • Do not nail objects to your trees
  • Do not cut the bark, trunk or branches of your trees
  • Be careful when using lawnmowers near your trees
  • Water your trees during lengthy dry spells
  • When seeing signs of distress call an Arborist
  • Fertilize – with deep root fertilization

I don’t need tree work but I do have old stumps in my yard.

Can you remove those?

Yes. If all you want is to get rid of those stumps we have just the machine to do it. Our self-propelled stumpgrinder can go through a 36 inch gate and can be walked to most stumps and will quickly grind out a stump (no matter the size or tree type) to 6″ below grade. It’s quick, inexpensive and the best way to a smooth, green lawn or garden area.

Do you sell cordwood?

Yes, we do. We have Seasoned; Semi-seasoned; and Green available, priced accordingly. FREE local delivery.