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Bradley Tree Ornamental & Fruit Tree Care

Many homes have one or more ornamental or fruit tree species in the landscape. Pruning is a necessity to enhance appearance, flowering and fruit setting.

This is accomplished by first assessing the plant’s needs, it’s location and it’s appearance. Once this is done the plant is pruned using either hand snips or shears, depending on the situation.

Basic pruning principles apply – remove dead, dying, diseased and criss-crossing branches. Preserve the canopy. Elevate off the house/ driveway/ lawn.

The end result should look good now… not when next year’s growth starts.

We are often called to work on fruit trees. These can be pruned for appearance only or for fruit production.

For fruit production, trees are pruned to establish individual layers, to allow for sunlight, with the bottom layer being the widest and the top being the most narrow.

With regular pruning, your fruit trees and ornamentals will provide years of enjoyment. As a Certified Arborist, Tim Bradley is qualified to give you the results you want.

Whether you have one Ornamental or multiple Fruit Trees, give us a call for a quote. You’ll love the results.