This is very important pest info that everyone should be aware of…. It’s all about

EAB a.k.a. Emerald Ash Borer 

Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

It’s Invasive and it’s highly destructive to Ash Trees.

Ash Tree

It will wreak havoc on the general Ash tree population within 11 years – and KILL
your trees within 3 – 5 years of infestation!

To date, this invasive non-native pest has killed 50- 100 million Ash Trees and threatens 7.5 Billion through-out North America. All members of the Ash Tree family.

(Green, Black, White and Blue Ash) are at risk.

Ash trees make up a good percentage of the Urban Forest due to their ability to withstand stress and being able to grow despite poor planting /care practices. When these trees are killed by EAB , there are increased injuries (from falling limbs and trees) and higher rates of pollution due to 10-25 percent tree canopy loss. Tree removals (whether the tree is dead or infected) are costly to both Homeowners and cities/towns.

What To Do?

EAB has been located in N.H. as of March 2013. Identify the trees in your area.
Utilize a Purple Trap to find out if the insect is in your neighborhood. There are now effective, low-cost treatments available…. Though be aware that there are some remedies being marketed that are simply a waste of money.

At present, there are 3 treatments that are proving effective against
EAB, and if used may save your trees. For more information, read this, contact UNH Cooperative Extension Forestry Information Center, and visit to learn signs and symptoms of EAB infestation and to report infested trees.

Trees a vital part of our ecosystem. Play your part in helping to care for them. Here in New Hampshire we have diverse Forests; Historical trees; and home landscaping which are all so important to our well being.


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