The Hazelnut Project

Have you heard about…….. The Hazelnut Project?

It all starts with The Arbor Day Foundation… your membership…
and a special invitation.

(We at Bradley Tree are big fans of The Arbor Day Foundation – an organization dedicated to Trees and helping people understand and care for them.)

It all started (with the Hazelnuts) in 1996 at Arbor Day Farm when 60 promising hazelnut hybrids were planted. The goal was – and is – to help scientists develop plants that can be economically grown over a wide range in the U.S. and have a huge environmental and economic impact.

Did you know that Hazelnut bushes can help slow climate change by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere ..(far more than soybeans or corn).

And did you know that Hazelnut shells are a safe and efficient 
fuel … (which lessens demand for wood and other energy sources).

And that these developing Hazelnut hybrids are resilient and tolerant of extreme weather- which we are now seeing worldwide.

Which brings me to your ‘invitation’. Become an Arbor Day member , make a small contribution to
The Hazelnut Project and receive 3 hybrid Hazelnut Bushes!

You will help to continue vital research that offers a very real way to fight climate change


you’ll enjoy a lifetime of sweet Hazelnuts!

Trees (and Hazelnuts!) Make a World of Difference!

Thank you! Tim Bradley Certified Arborist


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