What Should I look for When Hiring a Tree Service?

” What should I look for when hiring a Tree Service?”
Whether you own residential or commercial property, hiring a tree service at some point is almost inevitable. After all, “tree-scapes” add a lot of value to a property. And because trees are always growing – and are very long-lived organisms – regular care, and sometimes tree removal, is necessary.

First impressions last.  Reputable services will actively advertise using several channels, online and off. If they’ve invested a substantial amount of time and resources in creating a credible first impression, that’s a likely indicator that the service will be professional and honest. (Be sure to check that the service’s ads include basic information, including their address and contact numbers!)

Get it in writing.  Your tree service should provide a written quote after discussing the work you’d like them to do. A competent arborist will be able to assess the work, put it in writing, and leave it with you at the end of the consultation. This is assurance for both of you that you’re on the same page.

Credentials are key. The tree service should be able to produce these if you ask. Relevant certificates include: Arborist CertificationCertificate of Insurance, and a Crane Operator License.  These credentials all indicate a high level of competency and accountability on the part of the business.

-Years of experience. Tree work requires technical skill, heavy-duty equipment operation and good judgement. Miscalculations can have dire consequences (as one can imagine!). In the tree business, years of experience counts.

Employees. Some tree service duties  – such as shrub or fruit tree pruning – can be done by a single person. But a tree removal or even a large limb pruning requires a full crew. So be on the lookout – a ‘one-man show’ could result in problems for both of you!

Equipment. Before agreeing to anything, find out whether the tree service owns and operates the equipment necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand. Ask if they own a crane, a lift, a bucket truck, a log truck, a chipper, and a stumpgrinder. Additionally, look for the tree service’s name on the equipment. If you see it, you’re in good hands!
-Saftey Equipment. When the workers are on the job everyone should be using standard safety equipment such as Hard Hats, Cutting Chaps, Work Boots, Eye and Ear Protection.

Above all, trust your instincts. If you’re being pressured into making a decision, you may not be dealing with the ideal service for you. However, if your personal criteria are met and you feel comfortable, then you’ve found the right service for you!

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