Tree Service vs Logging

Why should you use a reputable tree service company instead of a logging company?

When it comes time to remove a tree that has grown too large, or a homeowner wants to have several trees removed their property it can be important to explore your options. Many of our customers see signs offering free or low cost tree removal offered by logging companies and think they are getting a great deal. The reality is quite a bit different as professional loggers operate on a very different business model than reputable tree service companies.

On the surface they seem very similar. Both companies cut down trees. The difference is that Loggers are there to remove the trees they want, whereas a reputable tree service company is there to beautify your yard. The service we offer is to safely remove the trees that you want gone. When a tree service company does it’s job properly it can be hard to tell that a large tree was ever there.

When you call a logging company they are going to come in and take the trees they want to take. The trees they want may not be the trees you want to remove, and they may want to take additional trees. Logging companies often require a sufficient number of trees to make it worth their time. Additionally the trees will need to be of sufficient size. If the trees are not of sufficient diameter a logging company will have no interest in taking them. 

Let us assume you have enough trees to interest a logging company, and they are the specific trees you want removed. Sounds great so far but this is where the differences really start to pile up. As noted a logging company is there for the trees. They are not there for the branches, nor are they interested in dropping them properly. A logging company works best out in the woods, away from civilization. Dropping a large tree properly on someone’s property takes time, and skill. Out in the woods you only have to worry that the tree will fall in such a way as to not hit any other loggers or hit any other trees. In a residential area it becomes quite a bit more difficult. You do not want the tree to hit any trees that are not being removed, nor do you want the tree to hit your house, car, or other property. Finally large trees are very heavy, and impact the ground with a heavy thud that can be felt by you, and your neighbors.

A tree service company on the other hand is going to safely remove the trees without this risk of damage. We use our crane and a lift with flotation tires that allow us to drive even on the most beautifully manicured lawn without the risk of damage. By bringing in our crane we are able to manipulate the trees to come down exactly where, and how we want them, without the problem of thousands of pounds of tree free falling to the ground. This also avoids the vibrations and impact that can damage, lawns, underground plumbing, or a home’s foundation.

The next major difference is brush. A logging company is going to limb the tree. By cutting away all the branches from the trunk a large mess is created. Logging companies do not clean up the brush afterward. This is left to the homeowner to manage. Many homeowners are taken in by the thought of saving money by letting a logger do the cutting, and then all they need to do is clear away the brush over a couple weekends. For some people this may be a viable option, but tree cleanup can be dirty, sweaty, expensive, and time consuming work.

After a logging company leaves a homeowner is left with a large amount of brush spread haphazardly around the area where they previously had trees. A person’s first step is likely to gather this into a large pile, and you can see many people are left with exactly that, a large pile of brush. Next they will likely need to rent a chainsaw for larger brush, and a wood chipper for small brush. From there a homeowner will spend a great many hours deconstructing a large pile of tangled branches and feeding them end first into the wood chipper. The chainsaw may be necessary to deal with any large branches that need to be trimmed down in order to fit. This is going to be hard, time consuming, and potentially expensive work. Plus if you cannot get it all done in one day, you will need to rent, pickup, and return the tools for the next weekend. This means not only more work over a longer period of time, but an unsightly mess you and your neighbors have to look at day after day until it is cleaned up.

A professional tree service on the other hand is going to bring an commercial grade wood chipper, in addition to all other required tools. As we take the tree down, we will be simultaneously working to feed the brush into our wood chipper instead of leaving the homeowner with a large pile to clean up on their own. We completely remove the tree, the branches, and any wood chips left behind. The only thing that normally remains is the stump. If the homeowner wants the stump removed as well we offer stump grinding services. Our customers are surprised and happy when they see our work. If they had not known there was a tree there previously they would not know we had been there at all.


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