Autumn Sun & Oak leaves

Tree of the Month – The Mighty Oak


In New England, the OAK  is a popular and easily recognizable tree. We’re all familiar with the tree’s acorns scattered across the ground and their sturdy trunks, made of some of the most durable wood, that allow them to grow very old.
In New Hampshire, we are probably most accustomed to seeing the Northern Red Oak. But there are over 400 ! different species of oak trees with various appearances.
Oaks are important to the biodiversity and ecosystem in New Hampshire.
They propagate easily, live a long time; &  can host many life forms, including mammals. Oaks actually are able to support more life-forms, including humans,than any other tree found in North America.
It’s important that we care for them and their natural environments.
This care includes pruning of dead or infected branches, treatment of diseases as needed, proper soil care, and mulching.
In addition to this, using ethical and environmentally friendly forms of pest control and fungal treatment will help to protect all trees within our rich and full forests of New England.
Last but not least, I’ll leave you with a recipe for acorn bread (yes, it’s delicious!)
Just remember to get to those acorns before the squirrels do!


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