FAQ’s About Fertilizing


FAQ’s About Fertilizing

Q. Why should I fertilize my trees?

A. Because trees and shrubs need nutrients. Most organic matter is not recycled
back into the soil. Tremendous amounts of nutrients are lost in the name of
yard maintenance. Top soil is often removed during construction. Fertilization
makes available all the nutrients that plants need, resulting in increased growth,
flowering, and fruiting and general vitality.

Q. What kind of fertilizer do you use?

A. We use a liquid fertilizer that is injected into the soil at a certain depth and ratio
dependent on the tree size, species, and specific needs. It is a 2-1-1 (Nitrogen-
Phosphorus-Potassium) mix.

Deep Root Fertilizer Application
Deep Root Fertilizer Application

Q. Can’t I just broadcast dry fertilizer around the tree?

A. It’s not the best way to fertilize trees. Trees are competing with turf and other
plants for nutrients. The tree roots that take up the fertilizer are about 4 to 8
inches below ground level. Rainwater run off can leach away surface applied
nutrients. This is why deep root fertilizing is the best approach to maintaining tree
health and vitality.

Q. What time of year should trees be fertilized?

A. In this area of the world you can fertilize your trees any time during the
growing season. This is generally just before budbreak and ending after leaf drop.

Q. Do I need to water the trees after fertilization?

A. Watering is recommended, especially during periods of drought. Watering
enables the roots to absorb the fertilizer more readily while eliminating any
concern of damage from salts. Giving the tree(s) a good soaking from a hose is

Q. I just planted some young trees. Do they need to be fertilized?

A. Rapid growth is generally the goal for trees in the landscape. To achieve this
with young trees, an annual application of fertilizer often is recommended. Bear
in mind that soil conditions play a primary role in tree growth and vitality.

Q. I have established trees, and some ‘mature’ trees. What do they need?

A. The goal for mature trees is to maintain tree vitality. Established trees that are
not yet mature are still producing moderate growth. Once again, fertilization can
be key to keeping trees in good health. Deep root tree fertilization is calculated
for tree species, age, soil, stress factors and environment.

Q. What kind of results can I expect?

A. By fertilizing your trees you can expect to see increased growth, healthier
foliage, better foliage color, increased vitality. Trees that are fertilized are better
able to withstand environmental stresses, drought, disease and insect problems.

Trees are very long lived organisms and, when well cared for, are valuable
additions to the home landscape. With time and care you just may end up with
some Remarkable Trees.

“A tree is a wonderful living organism… it even gives shade

To those who wield an ax to cut it down.” – Buddha

For all your tree care needs, call or email. Tim Bradley Certified Arborist


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